Sugarcane is a subject linked to
life in Mauritius in the past until the present.

Once you’ve landed in Mauritius, it is impossible to miss the sugarcane plantations present across the island! Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel was inspired and designed to pay tribute to this key facet of the island.

The sugarcane thematic can be seen in every corner of the hotel. Being an essential element of the hotel, sugarcane defines the identity of the place such as its interior decor and architecture using volcanic stones and related coloured metal sheets.

Discover along the path the outlines of the sugarcane engraved in its pavements and paintings in the lobby with an impressive mural fresque which depicts the typical scenery of cane cutters harvesting sugarcane in front of an old factory.

Throughout the hotel, imitations of cane stalks can be noticed at some bars, restaurants, on bed covers and even on the room’s doors and lamps.

The names of the restaurants, Le Ferney 1650, Belle Vue 1838, Les Quatre Cocos 1822 and Villebague 1740, refer to old factories and important historical years...The white walls and the blades of the ceiling fan also remind about the sugarcane cultivation theme.

Regardless of many references to the past and the sugarcane theme, Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel Mauritius definitely has a contemporary signature… a perfect symbiosis of past and present!



Highly recommended for family vacation as we were so warmly welcomed. We were delighted thanks to the management as they fulfilled all their responsibilities to please their guests and they didn't gives us any chances to complain. Food was deliciously prepared by the great chefs. We got lovely and cheerful services.
Nice 👍

-Harish G

Had a very nice welcome at reception.
Very good food at teatime and quite a bit of
activities to keep us busy and relaxed.
Excellent people/service in the restaurant and very friendly staff along with a wide variety of food
Truly value for money.
Nice Time with my Family!